Compensation Plan for Server Shutting Down

Apr 12, 2019
Dear Adventurers,
Gtarcade will stop the ROR recharge function on Apr. 30, 03:00 am EST and shut down all servers as of May. 15, 2019, 03:00 am EST. 

The compensation plan is as follows:

1. Unused diamonds of players with a recharge record before Apr. 30, 2019 will be calculated after the server shutdown on May. 15, 2019. (Only diamonds from recharges will be calculated)
2. The calculated (unused) diamonds, depending on the actual value, can be transferred to one of the following games at your choice; 
a. Era of Celestial
b. Legacy of Discord
3. The diamonds can also be exchanged for in-game items in our new game Rangers of Oblivion
a. ROR players can receive an exclusive gift once they get a character to lv.10 in Rangers of Oblivion.
b. The Compensation on RoO will be calculated based on the number of remaining diamonds on the ROR character by the end of May.15.
c. Independent from the unused diamond quantity at ROR, all VIP10+ players can recieve an additional gift 
d. All items for compensation will be sent through the in-game mail.
4. You can claim your compensation through ROR ticket support by adding the following information. Please note, lack of information can lead to a compensation failure
a. ROR Character ID Number (can be found on the top left of the character info panel); ROR Character in-game name; Server;
b. Screenshots on ALL ROR Recharges for the last 3 months (can be found in GP Account or iTunes account)
c. Name of the Game (Era of Celestial, Legacy of Discord, or Rangers of Oblivion) which you want to claim the compensation.
d. Character information for the game of your choice: Character ID Number, Character in-game name and Server
5. After we receive your application ticket, we will assess the provided information and send the compensations within a week. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide all of the required information and documents with your application and there will not be further contact from our side for shortcomings.
6. Please complete your application until May. 15th, 2019 (EST).  
7. Gtarcade reserves the rights to modify the compensation plan.

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