Feb 12, 2018

Some call them thieves or Assassin but Assassin are a more hardy breed, born into the wilderness and often found later in their years by the Sentinels, which makes the rune bonding process more painful and dangerous. Some have fallen from the academies, others have been banished from their settlements for past indiscretions but they work with the underbelly of society, and the poor, to find out information and get their way.


Assassin are one with themselves, representing a true balance between law, chaos, good and evil and only have taken sides in this battle if they are called to do so, as the enemy forces very nature is the destruction of all, which would itself cause an imbalance.

Assassin take their work and privacy very seriously, mainly to protect their families from harm and to avoid blackmail. However, if someone pries too deeply into their past they often end up 'missing' or so terrified by the encounter with 'whatever' they will never speak of such matters again.


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