Feb 12, 2018

It is said that all children born as Cleric have dreamt of the endless ocean of the first sea, in the womb. The vision opening their mind to the endless possibilities of past and future and defining how they will grow. The best of those children are sought out by the Sentinels to plan and predict the path of future battles, what the enemy will attempt and to act as a solid line of support.


In battle they aid the other sentinels in bringing the forces of evil to task, utilising their runes to summon the powerful forces of nature to entwine their enemies and heal their friends. Often loners, yet accustomed to sharing the power they hold with the ones they trust when called into action.


Hel seeks them to be dead, as they slow her armies advances through the Nine Realms, but their powers of foresight protect them and the allies.


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